SHAREit: Transfer Files Between Phone & PC Via SHAREit

  A SHARE it application help and make transfer system between android phone and PC easier and faster, there are many transfer applications which Android device manufacturers have provided for free on the android phone, but SHARE it app is most notable one to transfer files. With this SHAREit app, there are many ways to connect between the PC and phone.

1. Connect by using the android phone Wi-Fi to the PC Hotspot network.

2. Search with PC Wi-Fi network to connect with the phone Hotspot network.

3. You can also scan with your phone to connect with the PC. In order to get and understand this SHAREit app right, there are little steps you need to follow here

Step 1. How to get and connect SHAREit.

Download and install SHARE it in the “Play store” on your android phone, also download it on your PC at SHARE it site “” then click and open SHAREit icon on your PC and your phone, immediately it will display as below pictures.

To search and connect with your phone, on the top corner of the SHAREit platform as given on your phone, there will be menu icon tap on it, and click > connect to PC, it will be searching for PC Hotspot network then click searched avatar automatically the SHAREit will connect. To connect with your PC, in the platform displayed on your PC, click >Search hotspot of mobile bellow, it will start searching for the mobile phone, then click the searched avatar immediately to connect.

Step 2. How to transfer files.

After connected, the SHAREit will show the files folder, you can mark and transfer as many as you can, like Files, Apps, photos, Videos, Music, mark and send the file you wanted to share automatically you are good to go, on your PC you can also drag and drop file folder from window screens menu directly to the SHAREit platform and send it.


Step 3. Location of the files received.

On the mobile phone, the received files normally stored under SHAREit folder either in your SD card or phone memory depend on where you put your phone storage path, you can change the storage path on your phone in SHAREit settings, by clicking SHAREit menu >Settings >Storage location then select your favourite storage path. In PC the received files will actually be saved to the default folder under download, it normally looks like “C\Users\user name\Downloads\SHAREit. This can also be changed to your PC favourite folder, click SHAREit menu >Settings >Save to, select your folder and click >Save below.

Step 4. How to display received files.

With the android phone, you can play your received files except for App directly on SHAREit platforms, the phone must have a suitable player to support the media type or formats like Photos, Music and Videos, unlike App which can only be installed or uninstall in SHAREit platform. But on your PC you need to find receive files before it can be displayed.

I believed your satisfaction with these steps, will let you know details of how to transfer between phone and PC with SHAREit.

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