How to Reset Android Phone

Resetting Android phone simply means, how to format your android phone to normal factory setting. This can occur when your phone has been slowing in operation, maybe some App has been misbehaved or not responding, or you are resetting your phone in order to sell it, even by updating your android phone might need to reset your phone to work properly for some App.

Remember when you are resetting your phone means all your data and your social account will be erased. Before you can reset your phone, make sure you know your google account and your social media account user name and their password.

You can even backup your important App and phone contacts to your google account or SD Card.

There are two ways of resetting an Android phone.

1.By following setting menu

2.By hard reset key.

By following Setting Menu:- in this way, you have to go through Setting icon click on it in your phone App Menu, it will move you directly to the===> Setting menu, go straight to where you can see ===>Backup&reset click this. This base on the phone fabricator and the language, after you have click on===> Backup&reset, it will open the next screen on your phone there you will see===> Factory data reset at the bottom of the list click this.

The next screen will open all your personal account icon like Google account icon, e-mail icon and other social media icon, at the bottom end click===> Reset phone, click this. Then it will ask you to enter your security screen lock passcode like Pin, Password or Pattern if you have been using any of these before on your phone then enter it.

The phone will athematic shot down and formated then reboot in a few seconds, the phone will start processing for a few munites, when the process is complete your phone will be formatted.

how to reset android phone

To reset your phone as it was when it left the factory after the phone has rebooted, set up your phone by choosing one language in the list, normally click English go through the setup process again before you’re able to restore your data.

By Hard Reset:- This is another simple way you can reset your android phone. By using three or two android side key, which is the Up and Down volume button and the Power button. this also depends on your android phone manufacturer.

In some phone, you will have to press and hold three side keys which is volume Down &Up button together with Power button like Nexus device. Unlike Samsung Galaxy device, you have to press and hold the Volume Up key, Home key and Power button together to reset it and many other phones will take two-button, the Power button and Volume Up button example of this are Tecno Mobile devises.

In this process, you need to short down your phone Press and hold the device-specific button combination while your phone is powered off, as directed by the phone fabricator. It may be by pressing and hold down===> Power and Volume up buttons at the same instant. The phone will on and with some seconds at the screen, the phone will enter Recovery mode.

At this period you can not select by touching the phone screen instead you are going to use===> Volume up button to scroll up===>Volume down button to scroll down and===> Power button to select.

Scroll to===> Wipe data/factory reset in your phone screen,then press===> Power button to select.

Highlight and select===> Yes this confirm your reset. Once the reset is processed, you will redirect to the same screen of recovery mode menu, press the===>Power button to selcet===>Reboot system.

Automatically your phone will switch on and reset your phone as it was when it left the factory. Then start restoring your data as it was back up by you.

I believed, these two ways will help and solve misbehaving App, slowing phone in processing, erase your data in order to sell or dash out the phone.



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