How To Make Video Call On Facebook Messenger

Make Video Call on Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook messenger is a popular social media chat which many people have known, the Facebook platform is incomplete without facebook messenger, it primitively develope for Facebook users for more complete and more useful chat platform. But many people believe that Facebook messenger cannot make a video call. By following detail step that I will highlight here will take your chat experience completely to a new level on your android phone.

Step 1.Download facebook messenger in the google play store on your android phone or update if it’s already on your phone to the latest version to make it function properly, now click on the messenger icon in the screen menu, the question is to register, you can register with your Facebook account name or another name different.

Step 2. After you have registered in the provided field, the Facebook messenger will definitely open and you will be able to see all your facebook account friends. An active friend will show a green tick dot in their profile picture as shown means you can only make a video call or chat with an active friend in order to see a quick response.

Step 3. Finally, you got to go, here in this step will tell you how to make a video call on facebook messenger. At the top of the right-hand corner, there is a video icon click on it to start your video call with an active friend, if the person accepts your video call then you will able to see the picture of the chat partner and the place where he/she is on your android phone screen, also your chat partner will see yours on his/her phone screen.

Step 4. This step teaches how to end the ongoing video call. On your android phone screen, there will be an end call icon tap on it definitely, the video call will end and get you back to chat platform.

I believe you can easily make a video call in your facebook messenger account on your android phone with this little steps. Make sure your front camera function well for better and clear video chat.

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