How To Disable Android Phone Notification

Notification on android phone is the act of giving or receiving official information about something on your phone. In the android phone, we can have many applications through receiving from another phone, or by downloading it. And all applications automatically have access to notify you about what you have done, or what you are doing on the application in a particular moment after you have downloaded or received the application.

Many people have been found it difficult to disabled some application notification on their phones. Because some notification on phone is causing distraction when they are on their phone, maybe when making calls, charting with friends, writing important messages, watching firms, listening to a piece of music.

The phone notification can also cause distraction when you are doing something, not on your phone but it’s with you like sleeping, watching TV or firms, in a meeting, in the church, working and so on. Here are the simple steps to off android phone notification, read and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Disable Android Notification In Application Menu.

By following this step, stopped notification in the application menu is a short and simple way, depending on your android phone manufacturer or launcher.

====> Open your phone application Menu

====> Tap and hold any app icon that you want to off its notification, Your phone will display options, there you can see Share

====> Uninstall

====> Application details

====> Send to desktop. Tap on App detail, then you will be directed to that application details, there you will see,Storage

====> Data usage

====> Permissions

====> Notificatoins

====> Open by default ====>”Battery”====>”Memory”.

Click on notification and block it, the application will no longer notify you again.



STEP 2. Close Notification “By Do Not Disturb”  

This step can be permanent or temporary, also have two directions to disable notification, the first direction is by customising and the second is the screen distraction.

-By Customising:-This direction shows that your notification can be customised in your preferred ways, you can disable or silence notification for the day(s). Simply open “Menu”====> find “Setting”====>click and scroll down to “Do not disturb”====>the next open screen tap “Automatic rules”====>there you will see “Add rule” then click on it, add your rule to any day of the week or any upcoming event that you do not want distraction.



Screen Distraction:-You can also quickly disable android phone notification. Here open your phone application “Menu”====>click on “Setting” icon====>under setting, scroll down until you see “Do not disturb” tap on it ,this will open another screen,there you will see====>”Block visual disturbances”,click it this will open the next screen for two options.

Option 1. Block when the screen is on- this option block notification silenced by Do not disturb from Peeking or popping on screen. In this option, if you chose to toggle the on position, this will silence notification on your phone and prevent distraction.

Option 2. Block when the screen is off- this option also blocks notification silenced from turning on the screen, click this option to silence your notification and disallowed it from turning your screen on when it is off.



This two option above can even turn on, to silence or disable notification, depend on how you have a feeling of aversion or antipathy toward notification on your phone.

Step 3. Disable Notification On “Setting”

This step explains and shows how they can off notification in an easy and meaningful way in android phone. Follow the step by open your phone “Menu”====>click “Setting” icon====>scroll down to where you see “Notification”====>click on it, this will open another screen, where you can see all your Apps list, tap the application and then open to “Block all”====>toggle the “On” position and disable each applications notification you want to off.


Step 4. Off Notification In “Apps Setting Menu”

This step explains and shows how you can even disabled notification in some application setting menu. Not all the app can do this but most of them can do, like social media apps. Open the application find and click the “Menu indicator”====> scroll down to where you can see “Notification”====> then off. Some apps may ask to open the setting before you can disable its notification, all you need to do is, open the “Menu”====>go straight to “Setting“====>tap on it, the next open screen will show you “Notification” there you can off it, the App will no longer notify and cause distraction.



I believe the three-step shows it clearly how to disable android phone notification, this will also allow you to do it perfectly once your phone version is up to 4.0. Remember all these steps will work, unless you delete or uninstall the App and later get it and install.

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