How To Add Developer Options In Android Phone Settings

Android phone is the worlds popular mobile phone set, but in it there some hidden settings by default on the android phone. Here I will let you know one of the hidden settings which are “Developer option”. This is a hidden program in all android phones because it meant for the only developers that make android device change.

There you can enable debugging, input, drawing, hardware accelerated rendering, media, monitoring, Apps and so on. Personally, I called it second function settings on an Android device. It’s meant for developers who want to make changes that may impact the phone’s performance, is not a good idea for phone learners to enable and enter its functions. To add developer option to your android phone you need to follow this little steps.

How to Open Developer Options on Android Phones

Step 1====> Open your android phone menu, select settings icon, click on it, move on to about phone. Depends on the English in which it is written also depends on your phone’s fabricator, see examples of different manufacturer below.

On Tecno Mobile ====> Settings ====> About phone ====> Build number. Tap on Build number three times, the developer option will be activated.

On HTC Mobile ====> Settings ====> About ====> Software information ====> More ====>Build number. Also, tap on Build number three times, it will be activated.

On LG Mobile device ====> Settings ====> About phone ====> Software info ====> Build number. Tap on it three times, also it will activate.

Samsung Galaxy device ====> Setting ====> About device ====> Build number. Tap it seven times to activate it.

Step 2====> After you have tap Build number as your android phone times requested, you will see a message on your phone screen says, (you are now a developer).

Now go back to your settings, look at your setting’s menu definitely, you will able to see developer option commonly located before About phone or bellow, click on developer option to see the menu and functions.

With this little steps, I believe you can get the developer option in your android phone. But if the option is no more needed for you in your phone, you can disable it by click “OFF” on the top corner of the developer options menu or you can remove it by open your Settings menu ====> Backup&reset ====> Factory data reset ====> Reset phone.

Make sure that you “Backup” all your “Important File” on your phone memory to your SD card memory before you remove developer option.

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