Add And Remove App Widget On Android Phone

Widget on the android phone is a small window that the user engraft on the device home screen. An average application on the android device, which has a lot to offer without open the main application. A widget can even open the main application without clicking the particular application icon.

Widget on the android phone is not a shortcut app icon on a device home screen, it is more occupied space than app icon in the home screen, Widget summerise the detail of a particular app.

Some android phone automatic comes with the app widget depend on a phone fabricator.

Examples of automatic app widget are, Like weather and clock, email, note, task, list and other productivity tools.

How To Add App Widget To Android Phone Home Screen

Add app widget to your home screen as follows.

====> On your android phone press and hold up a blank space in your home screen.

====> See the bottom of your home screen for an option where they kept as for another function.


Note:- This showing differently, depending on your phone launcher you are using. Some launcher arranges the widget more closely and easily to scroll, while some launcher opens it by pages.


====> Now hold up any particular widget that you wanted to add to your home screen. It will then become crystal clear and you can drag it to any open space on one of your home screens page.


Note:- You may have to get enough space in any particular home screen page for some widget before you can add it, some widget will contain more space than normal application Gmail, Clock& Weather, Music widget and more.

While you follow all these steps, then you are good to use the widget as a shortcut, without open the main application.

How To Remove Widget From Android HomeScreen

Remove an android widget from your home screen. A widget that you do not use any more, remove it because it contains more space in your home screen and causing distraction. You can even eliminate them from your phone entirely by uninstalling the app it belongs to.

Now follow the steps to remove the widget from the phone home screen.

====> Open your home screen page where you placed the widget and you want to remove it.

====> Tap and hold the particular widget to see the option “List”. Or see the “Remove” notification fade at the top of your phone.


Note:- this also depends on your phone version or the phone launcher you are using, many phones or launcher will show option “List”, while some will show “Remove” notification at the top of your phone.

====> Click the “Remove” in the list shows around the widget.

====> Or drag the widget towards the top of the screen until it turns red and then release it.

Remove Widget By Uninstalling The Entirely Application

====> Tap and hold the App icon in the main menu, see the option “Uninstall”, uninstall the App, then the widget will diable.


====> Or go to phone “Setting” then scroll to “App” Tap the name of the app the widget belongs to. For example, a weather widget may be generated by an app from Yahoo, the Weather Channel or WeatherBug, music app.


By following all these steps, I believe you will be able to add and remove the widget on your android phone home screen.

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