How To Disable Android Phone Notification

Notification on android phone is the act of giving or receiving official information about something on your phone. In the android phone, we can have many applications through receiving from another phone, or by downloading it. And all applications automatically have access to notify you…

SHAREit: Transfer Files Between Phone & PC Via SHAREit

  A SHARE it application help and make transfer system between android phone and PC easier and faster, there are many transfer applications which Android device manufacturers have provided for free on the android phone, but SHARE it app is most notable one to transfer files….

How To Add Developer Options In Android Phone Settings

Android phone is the worlds popular mobile phone set, but in it there some hidden settings by default on the android phone. Here I will let you know one of the hidden settings which are “Developer option”. This is a hidden program in all android phones…

How To Make Video Call On Facebook Messenger

Make Video Call on Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook messenger is a popular social media chat which many people have known, the Facebook platform is incomplete without facebook messenger, it primitively develope for Facebook users for more complete and more useful chat platform. But many people believe that Facebook messenger cannot make a…

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